Bad Crypto Joins the Digitex Advisory Team: Q&A with Show Co-Host Joel Comm

We couldn't be happier to announce that Bad Crypto duo Joel Comm and Travis Wright will be joining the Digitex Futures Advisory team. Let's hear what co-host Joel has to say about it!

Another day, another super exciting announcement from the Digitex team! You may have already heard of the Bad Crypto podcast, and while the name may suggest otherwise, it’s been rated time and again as one of the most user-friendly podcasts in the industry. It’s also extremely entertaining and hosted by two of the most colorful characters around.

The Digitex crew is absolutely delighted to welcome Joel Comm and Travis Wright as advisors to our team. With a wealth of experience in social media, blogging, internet businesses, crypto, and so much more, we’re extremely excited to get to work closely with them. Check out this Q&A with Bad Crypto co-host Joel Comm to see what he has to say on crypto, Digitex, and the future of the industry in general.

CC: Hi Joel, can you tell us a bit about your background?

JC: I’m from Illinois. Initially a former disk jockey, I’ve been doing business online since 1995, that’s when I built my first website, but I’ve actually been diving into the online world since 1980. Since that time I’ve built sites, sold sites, I created a site that I sold to Yahoo, that became Yahoo Games, I created iPhone applications, one of which hit number one in the world, I’ve written 15 books, one of which was a best-seller, I’m a keynoter at social media events, blogger, and I have of course the Bad Crypto podcast.

CC: Sounds like you’ve been very busy! Can you tell us how you got started on your crypto journey?

JC: Well, I went down the rabbit hole in April of 2017 and started talking with Travis about cryptocurrency and we were talking on a regular basis. It was July 16 of 2017 that we decided to start the Joel and Travis crypto show… Two days later the Bad Crypto podcast began.

CC: How did you guys meet and what gave you the idea to start Bad Crypto? Why did you call it “bad”?

JC: Travis and I were introduced by a mutual friend Lori Ruff. I refer to Lori as the heart of social media. She’s just an amazing woman with great empathy. Travis and I have been friends for a number of years. Our discussions prior to crypto were political, particularly around the elections of 2016, when we realized we had similar views.

We called it Bad Crypto because we realized that neither one of us were experts but we’re fascinated with blockchain technology and we didn’t want to put any pretenses that we were experts. And so we invited people to come on the journey with us. So, the “bad” refers to that and also the fact that we have a sense of humor and it’s kind of comedy show along with being informative.

CC: What have been some of your most memorable episodes and some of your favorite projects?

JC: John Mcafee for sure, episode number 100. By the way, he’ll be back on episode 200, he’s agreed to do that. Talking with him on video was just amazing. He’s an interesting individual. Also, Roger Ver before he had his public meltdown, he’s a good guy and that was a memorable interview.

We talk to so many people and we’ve interviewed probably 200 projects or so and some of my favorites have included the Horizon State project for putting voting on blockchain.

CC: Have you ever done an interview and thought in the back of your minds “this is a sh**coin?” or “this project is awful?” What did you do?

JC: Yes! We have and we try to vet the projects beforehand so they don’t get there but every now and again they slip through. And usually, we’ll call them on it in a less aggressive manner and challenge them with some questions. I won’t go into names, but, yes, it’s happened.

CC: What are your favorite cryptocurrencies and why?

JC: My favorite is Stellar Lumens. It’s super fast I think it’s going to bank the unbanked, I love that in just a couple of seconds I’ve got money with micro fees. I’m also a Bitcoin fan, have been ever since I discovered it… Oh, and of course, I’m a big fan of Digitex!

CC: What draws you to Digitex Futures? What piques your interest enough to become an advisor to the team?

JC: You know, I think futures are definitely a key part of getting the masses in the financial institutions, the traders involved. And it makes perfect sense. We have futures and all these other commodities in stocks, why not futures on crypto as well? And the way Digitex is pulling the team together with the experience they have and the development so far, I believe this is a legitimate project with a bright future.

CC: Do you have any specific requirements to watch for when deciding to back a blockchain company?

JC: Well, first they have to be solving a real problem. And ideally, if they’re not the only ones in the space, then they’re doing it better than the competition. We look at the team to see if the people behind the project have the background and experience to execute the project. We like to see what kind of funding has been raised to date and also what kind of buzz there is around the project, usually, you can tell by looking at Telegram to see if people are talking about it.

We also want to make sure that we receive value for the value that we bring. Between Travis and myself, we’ve got over 40 years of marketing experience and lots of connections and insights.

CC: What will your main functions as advisors be?

JC: Because of our marketing and social media experience, we’re going to bring awareness to the project. Apart from Bad Crypto, I’ve got over 1 million followers on social media and Travis has a sizable number as well. We’ve got contacts at the right juncture and we have a voice through Bad Crypto and events that we go to to share the good news about Digitex

CC: Any predictions for the crypto markets? Are we going to see an upsurge any time soon?

JC: Yes, my long-term predictions are very bullish. Blockchain is here to stay, crypto is here to stay. Not all projects are going to succeed, just like all startups. In regular business as well a lot of startups don’t achieve their goals. We’ll see a lot succeed and some fail.

Any time soon, I think we’re waiting on crypto to have that watershed moment that brings it to the masses in a functional way, the way that Netscape did to the browser. Crypto is going to be huge.

CC: And predictions or expectations for the Digitex Exchange?

JC: Well, we agreed to be advisors for a reason! We expect this to grow and catch on and be viable for the long term and add a lot of value to people’s lives that want to invest in crypto futures.

Thanks so much, Joel! We’re really looking forward to working with you! And we’ll be catching up with Travis to hear what he has to say next week!


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