Digitex Development Update by Adam in Dublin

I was in Dublin last week with the software development team where I met the latest new hires. One of whom has moved from senior technology roles in Silicon Valley to work for Digitex because he is so excited to be a part of a project that will disrupt the current exchanges with a revolutionary new revenue model that eliminates trading commissions.

The core development team is now complete with 7 full time, highly skilled and experienced devs working together as an in house team from our modern office in Dublin city centre. Overall, I’m really happy with the current state of development and am very confident that we’re going to launch a BEAST in Q4!

Now the software dev team is at full speed ahead we can start slowly gearing up our digital marketing strategies to ensure a massive blowout exchange launch.

We hit it out of the park with our ICO marketing and we’ve got every intention of doing exactly the same with the launch of the exchange 🙂 If we get some good viral internet marketing campaigns going that clearly demonstrate the benefits of a commission-free futures exchange we can expect some massive traffic again when we launch, just like we achieved in the ICO when we sold out in 17 minutes.

The way I see it, its just a numbers game – we’ve got 9,000 DGTX token holders now before we even have a working product, what happens to the DGTX price after a successful exchange launch when we have 90,000 token holders or 300,000 token holders? And what if our exchange launch also coincides with a big bull run in crypto at the end of the year?

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