Digitex Is a Modern Day Trailblazer in the Futures Industry

Here's why Digitex Futures is on track to becoming one of the most memorable trailblazers of modern times and turning futures trading upside down.

It’s not easy being a trailblazer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a trailblazer is a leader in a particular field or industry, doing something before anyone else. That’s why Digitex Futures is an excellent example of a trailblazer. We’re on our way to becoming the first ever commission-free cryptocurrency futures exchange.  

In addition to commission-free trading, Digitex has minted its own native cryptocurrency, the DGTX token. The token will be essential to all aspects of the Digitex Futures exchange. This includes funding your account, daily profit and loss, margin requirement, tick value, and settlement process. As a result, there will be a constant internal demand for the DGTX token.

Being a trailblazer is not an easy job. It requires a great deal of courage and determination as you attempt to introduce a new product or service that’s never been used by the general public. By their very nature, trailblazers must possess a great deal of self-confidence in their ability to accomplish a task that others have been unable to achieve.  

Trailblazers are also able to accept criticism and rejection from others and get used to plenty of doors slamming in their faces.

Examples of Modern Day Trailblazers

Let’s examine a few of today’s most well-known trailblazers, often known as “industry disrupters.” Their new products or services completely altered the industry in which they participated. This is exactly the goal of CEO Adam Todd and the Digitex Futures exchange.

Adam and his team are looking to turn the world of futures trading on its head and completely disrupt the futures industry, taking a lead out of the playbook of these colorful characters below:

Jeff Bezos  

Without question, one of the most successful trailblazers in today’s society is Jeff Bezos. His company, Amazon.com, has single-handedly altered the way consumers shop, read, and interact with technology. It’s almost impossible to count the number of industries that Bezos has disrupted since he started Amazon in 1994, selling books out of his garage.  

In less than 25 years, Bezos has become the wealthiest man on the planet thanks to his continued drive and desire to be a trailblazer.

Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings ensured that the cable TV industry would never be the same again. Hastings is the founder and CEO of Netflix, one of the fastest growing companies of all-time. In 1997, Hastings delivered DVDs to his subscribers through the mail. His online movie rental business became extremely popular throughout the first decade of the company’s existence.  

In 2007, Netflix switched its format from DVDs to video on demand. The company’s subscriber base exploded. Today, over half of all American households subscribe to Netflix and Reed Hastings is a billionaire.

Mark Zuckerberg

We’ve all heard of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg started it in 2004. For all practical purposes, Facebook started the “social media revolution.” Today, Facebook has 2.2 billion active users and Zuckerberg is regarded as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 21st century. He’s also one of the richest. 

Adam Todd

Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd has always been an ambitious man. And while he may not be a household name just yet, the goal is firmly in sight. Adam is attempting to change the business model of the futures industry, which has been in existence on a global basis for over 200 years.  

Alongside his amazing team, people will remember the company as unveiling the first commission-free futures exchange. In addition to this, Digitex is also launching a native cryptocurrency token to handle all transactions on the Digitex exchange.  

Adam strongly believes that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will completely alter the way we live our daily lives over the course of the next several years. This includes the way traders and investors interact with the financial markets, including futures contracts. During the next few years, Adam and the Digitex team are well positioned to join the ranks of some of the most well-known trailblazers of the 21st century.  

Trailblazers Usually Face Heavy Resistance

As we discussed earlier, trailblazers must have the ability to withstand criticism and rejection. Why? Because they will probably be heavily criticized and rejected, particularly within their own industry. In fact, many people would actually be happy if the trailblazer failed in her/his attempt to change the industry.  

The vast majority of the people who work and earn their living in a particular industry are not the least bit interested in making any drastic changes. Instead, they prefer to maintain the status quo. They don’t want to “rock the boat.” Generally speaking, people are fearful of change. This is especially true if it affects their job security.

Why the Digitex Futures Exchange Will Be So Disruptive

Let’s take a look at the futures industry and examine how Digitex plans to change it. A good place to begin is by examining the overall size of the industry in terms of volume and notional value. In 2017, according to the Futures Industry Association (FIA), total global futures volume was 25.2 billion contracts.  

This represents an incredible amount of revenue for the various futures exchanges who participate in the industry. The notional value of all exchange-traded futures and options contracts for 2017 was $33.6 trillion (based on data provided by the Bank for International Settlements). These numbers serve to remind us just how large the futures industry has become, particularly during the past few decades.

It’s probably safe to say that the big brokerage firms who handle the majority of the daily futures volume have no vested interest in making any drastic changes to the industry. Instead, they prefer to use the same business model that’s been in existence for the past several decades. This model involves the use of a broker who is paid a commission each time a customer places a trade. This type of arrangement generates an enormous revenue stream for the major exchanges.

Adam and his team at Digitex are trying to level the playing field on behalf of the customer by eliminating the commission rate. Obviously, the average futures trader has a much greater chance of success if she/he has access to a commission-free exchange. Based on the current size of all global futures exchanges, Digitex futures exchange has a tremendous opportunity to become one of the greatest trailblazers in the history of the futures industry.    

Personal Observations

In the world of business and investments, it’s very rare to have an opportunity to create a long-lasting impact on a commercial enterprise as large as the futures industry. Digitex is truly on the cusp of forever altering the way futures contracts are traded. Personally, I’m convinced that blockchain technology will eventually alter the way most industries operate. 

Brief Summary of Digitex as a Modern Day Trailblazer

  • A trailblazer is a leader in a particular field or industry.
  • A trailblazer is also known as a disrupter, someone who leads the way forward.
  • The life of a trailblazer is not easy; requiring courage and determination.
  • Trailblazers must be able to accept criticism and rejection from others.
  • Famous trailblazers include Jeff Bezos, Reed Hastings, and Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Trailblazers usually face heavy resistance from within their own industry.
  • Most participants in an industry would prefer to see the trailblazer fail.
  • There is little desire within the futures industry to change the current business model.
  • Digitex Futures has an opportunity to be remembered as a great trailblazer.


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