Launch of DGTX Token on Multiple Exchanges

Digitex Ltd Announces Launch of Native Token DGTX on Multiple Exchanges

We are proud to announce the official launch of our native DGTX token on three exchanges: OOOBTC, Exrates, and Radex.

We are already up and trading on Exrates, with over $100k traded so far today!

Digitex Founder & CEO Adam Todd says “We’re over the moon to have DGTX listed on these exchanges. We have ETH trading pairs on Exrates, BTC trading pairs on OOOBTC, and Radex for those who want decentralized trading.”

As of Monday, June 4th we will also have USD pairings on Exrates.

The native DGTX token will be listed on both OOOBTC and Radex next week on May 21st. (Correction to the date on the video of June 21st)

Development on the Digitex Futures Exchange continues at a steady pace and the Marketing team launched a new Blog and Community Forum.

About Digitex Ltd

Digitex Ltd is an International Business Company (IBC) located in the Republic of Seychelles. Founded by a former futures trader and betting-exchange trader, Digitex has developed a revolutionary new token issuance revenue model for sustainably operating a futures-exchange without charging any transaction fees on trades.

About Exrates

Exrates has a 30m dollar daily trading volume, with web, iOS and Android interfaces for easy and secure trading. Supporting multiple languages, many currencies, and 24/7 chat, Exrates offer minimum commission, maximum security and easy usability.


OOOBTC operates the largest volume digital asset exchange in the world, based out of Singapore. Providing traders with reliable and quality services, they can trade any of the OOOBTC currency pairs free with ease. Through leading technology OOOBTC aims to build the largest market for digital assets ever.

About Radex

The brand new zero fee decentralized exchange for the Ethereum ERC223 token standard. Radex is a part of Rados, a collection of services for cryptocurrency owners and traders. Our mission is to build necessary tools that make working with cryptocurrencies easy – and help with global cryptocurrency adoption as a result.

For further information about Digitex Ltd, please visit

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