Poker Players Guide to Bitcoin Futures Trading

The price of Bitcoin against the US dollar started December at just over $10,000 per coin, went up to almost $20,000 and is finishing the month at $13,000. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess, but you know it’s going somewhere. This is why Bitcoin is such a great vehicle for short term futures trading on its price. The action never stops. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the price of Bitcoin is gyrating wildly, most of the time for no apparent reason. No matter the time, there are always trading opportunities.

Just like playing poker, Bitcoin trading is a game of skill and of calculating probabilities. Regardless of what cards come up, a good poker player will always beat a bad player over time. Similarly, good traders will always beat the bad traders regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin goes up, down or sideways. Just like poker, Bitcoin trading can be beaten with a combination of discipline, patience and simple calculations.

That’s why poker players love Bitcoin futures trading so much. Everything they find attractive about playing poker online is present in Bitcoin futures trading. It’s a game of skill where simple calculations and a cool head can consistently put you ahead of the crowd, regardless of the price’s direction or whether you even know what a Bitcoin is.

But just like poker’s rake makes it almost impossible to turn a profit, Bitcoin futures traders must contend with transaction fees on their trades that turn any marginally profitable trading strategy into a losing one.

People don’t realize how damaging even the smallest edge working against you, such as transaction fees, can be. Take the roulette wheel as an example. There’s 37 numbers on the wheel but they only pay out winning numbers at 35 to 1. It doesn’t sound like much, but that 3% edge against you is what pays for all the staff and the building by ensuring that over time, everyone loses.

Transaction fees on trades have the same effect on your profits as the rake or the casino’s built in edge on the roulette wheel. If you’re a short term trader and you have to pay trading fees it becomes almost impossible to make a profit. And the only one making any money is the exchange.

The Digitex Futures Exchange has no transaction fees of any kind on any trades, thus making it possible for traders to actually make a profit from their trading. There is no edge working against you.

Traders can pursue marginally profitable trading strategies that aren’t profitable on other exchange’s due to commissions, such as high volume, ultra short term trading strategies. With the yoke of trading fees lifted, these short term traders create liquid futures markets that attract yet more traders.

This commission-free futures trading Utopia is made possible by Digitex’s revolutionary new futures exchange model that eliminates trading fees and replaces them with new token issuance.

By creating its own cryptocurrency, called the DGTX token, the exchange uses that as the native currency of the futures exchange in which all account balances and trading profits/losses are denominated. This creates demand for the DGTX token, because traders must own it to participate in liquid, commission-free futures markets. This demand enables the Digitex Futures Exchange to create and sell a small number of new DGTX tokens each year to cover the costs of running the exchange.

The DGTX token is therefore an integral part of the Digitex Futures Exchange and how it can operate sustainably without charging any transaction fees. It is a fundamental component of the token issuance system that eliminates transaction fees and makes it possible for traders to make money on the exchange.

In Q4 of 2018, when the Digitex Futures Exchange platform is launched, demand for DGTX tokens will surge. Thousands of traders, who are attracted to commission-free markets and who must own DGTX to participate, will compete against each other to buy the limited number of DGTX tokens that were sold dirt cheap in January’s token sale.

Early buyers who bought DGTX at $0.01 in the token sale in January can unload their tokens into this surging demand. There is a lot of upside potential to a token that launches at only $0.01 per coin.

Or you can start trading with your DGTX tokens, secure in the knowledge that you are putting up tokens that were bought at a very favorable price and that your balance won’t be eaten away by trading fees.

Or you can keep your DGTX tokens for the ride. The more popular the Digitex Futures Exchange becomes, the more in demand the DGTX tokens will be. After the wild ride that cryptocurrencies had in 2017, it’s a certainty that in 2018 there will be huge interest in trading Bitcoin’s price, regardless of whether Bitcoin’s price goes up or down. Millions of online gamblers are going to discover Bitcoin futures trading, and the DGTX token is in prime position to benefit from that surge in interest and activity.

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