Ready Set Crypto — Podcast Interview with Adam Todd

Ready Set Crypto hosts an episode with Adam Todd about the future of the Digitex Futures crypto trading platform, and discusses details about utilizing the DGTX tokens to create a commission-free trading environment.


Doc of Ready Set Crypto Podcast and Youtube channel interviews Adam Todd, founder and CEO of Digitex Futures about trading BTC, ETH and LTC futures contracts against the DGTX token using a zero-fee exchange model.

According to Doc, it seems that Digitex Futures may be able to occupy a huge void in the crypto space. Doc is eager for the platform to become operational and he goes on to discuss with Adam the latest on how the project is going.

See details below about the interview, and be sure to tune in to the podcast for the exclusive interview with Adam Todd.

Doc:  Why was Digitex founded and what problem are you trying to solve?

Adam Todd:  Commissions ruin everything. I was a professional trader in the pits, after that I was on the screens, and I was paying very low commissions… and even then, it would kill everything.

It was very difficult to move forward, because commissions are like a mechanical edge always working against you — you have to make a profit just to break even. Commissions are a drag on liquidity, which make you think twice before making a trade. 

I always wanted to have a commission-fee environment, it was sort of a dream. And when Ethereum and blockchain came out, I realized that by using blockchain technology, we can create a commission-free trading environment.

Doc:  What existing business do you feel that you disrupt out there in the crypto space?

Adam Todd:  Other futures exchanges… The commissions you have to pay are just way to high.

I was reading the other day about how Bitmex just moved into a new office, and they’re paying 5 million per year. Where do you think your commission fees are going? Things like that disturb me. I believe we can really disrupt the futures trading space by this brand new model.

Commissions penalize the most active traders, because thats what commissions do… And it’s the active traders that are the most valuable to the exchange. They create liquidity. With our token issuance model, we’re transferring that cost burden of running the exchange from the active traders, which are then transferring that to the DGTX owners in the form of an inflation rate.

And why would DGTX owners accept that inflation rate? They do that with the understanding that those active traders provide liquidity which creates demand for the DGTX token which then offsets the cost of the inflation…

Doc goes on to interview Adam, discussing more on liquidity, as well as as the software development and launch in Q4. Tune in to the podcast with Ready Set Crypto to get the latest on the Digitex Futures Exchange commission-free platform.


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