The Sky’s the Limit: A Look at DGTX Token’s Explosive Growth

It feels like only yesterday that our ICO sold out in just 17 minutes. We knew we were onto something special as a first-mover with a commission-free cryptocurrency futures exchange. But none of us anticipated exactly how special...

In a year that’s been tough for the crypto community in general, we’re pleased to say we’re still growing stronger. In fact, the DGTX token tripled in value from it’s low during the second half of this month, making it the third biggest gainer on Coinmarketcap.

At a time when the crypto heavy-weights are taking hit after hit, the DGTX token is unstoppable. So, what’s behind our meteoric rise? Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons:

Countdown to Live Launch Is On

All traders know it’s speculation that drives that market. So, even though Digitex Futures had an impressive year, reaching our milestones one by one, there’s always room for doubt.

The statistics for successful ICOs are dismal. Half of all projects from 2017 had already folded before Q1 2018 was through. We’re in the middle of an unrelenting bear market, and it’s only natural that even our most faithful supporters began second-guessing their investments.

We’re thankful to all of you for your continued support and believe that a huge factor in our success so far has been our open communication with our community. Regular updates, honest commentary, and unflinching hard work has seen us smash our targets to keep launch date on track.

As the big day approaches, Adam jets off to Malta to deliver a keynote at the Malta Blockchain summit and reveal the live demo for the first time. The Early-Access Waitlist is starting to swell, and things are getting real!

The game-changing commission-free exchange we promised you is so close we can almost taste it. And the DGTX token is getting more and more valuable as launch day inches closer.

More Investors Want in On the Action  

Any trader frustrated with losing profits to punishing commission fees or trying to navigate horribly complex, illogical user interfaces is chomping at the bit for the Digitex platform. And they’re letting their friends and colleagues find out about it as well. In fact, our Early-Access Waitlist ht over 75K in less than one month! Talk about word of mouth!

We’re continually working to provide added value for our loyal investors, so we asked ourselves how we could approach the build-up to launch in a non-traditional way. A way that would reward people as much as engage them. Well, the results speak for themselves!

At the beginning of August, we introduced our Early-Access Waitlist with an official countdown to launch. Upping the stakes even higher, we promised to reveal the very first live version of the Digitex Futures exchange to the first 5,000 on the list! But we’re not just taking a traditional “first come, first serve” kind of approach. We’re more into meritocracy here. We want to reward the most invested users.

So, we decided to give people a chance to secure their place among the top 5,000 through an ingenious refer-a-friend program that lets them jump up the queue. The more they refer, the higher up they go!

And we’ll be airdropping them a free 1,000 DGTX to play around with!

The first version only open to the top 5,000 people on our waitlist not only gives them an exclusive opportunity to make commission-free gains, but they’ll be able to provide invaluable feedback, creating the perfect test environment for our developers.

We can be sure of delivering the most robust and secure trading platform humanly possible by the time of public roll out.

The volume of traffic our early-access waitlist page has been getting is astonishing with 177,326 unique visits this month, which means that over 40% of visitors to that page are signing up to the waitlist.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come and the very start of our launch campaign… And if the start of this campaign is anything to go by, we can only dare to imagine what kind of growth we’ll be seeing by the end of the year!

Our Social Media Following Has Skyrocketed As Well

Our seasoned development team with a track-record in telecoms, critical infrastructure systems, and UX is working round the clock to bring the Digitex Futures platform to you. But, our awesome marketing and operations teams aren’t falling behind.

Thanks to their creative viral marketing tactics for the Early-Access-Waitlist, new users are being incentivized to spread the news and refer their friends via all types of social media channels. Our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and Telegram stats are through the roof!

We’ve also received thousands of new followers on our Telegram group. In fact, over the past month alone, our group jumped from 13K followers to over 23K followers! We now have three admins on hand 24/7 offering dedicated support and they’re currently experiencing in excess of 1,800 messages per day!

Press — Making the Headlines

All this activity isn’t going unnoticed by the media. In fact, alongside our Early-Access Waitlist and viral marketing campaign, we’re getting major features in internationally acclaimed titles. From financial review media to cryptocurrency and blockchain news outlets.

We’re certain that with four months of our launch campaign to go, the anticipation is going to reach fever-pitch! We’ll keep on making the headlines, encouraging more traders to join our waitlist, growing our social media followings, and getting ready to hit the ground running as a major contender in the cryptocurrency futures exchange space. Buckle up–things are just getting started!

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