Top Five Reasons Why You Should Buy DGTX Tokens

The Digitex Futures Exchange is on the verge of launching one of the most innovative products in the history of futures trading.  In the fourth quarter of 2018, Digitex will unleash a commission-free trading exchange with its own native cryptocurrency.

Adam Todd, the founder and CEO of Digitex, has harnessed the power of blockchain technology to create a truly remarkable one-of-a-kind trading experience for the cryptocurrency trading community. What makes Digitex so special? The true “secret sauce” of the Digitex exchange is based on the fact that the firm has minted its own native cryptocurrency, known as the DGTX tokens. DGTX is the key ingredient that places Digitex in a league of its own within the futures exchange industry. One of the truly exciting aspects of DGTX is that anyone can purchase the token through a cryptocurrency exchange.  

Traders and investors can participate in this exciting new futures exchange by owning DGTX tokens. In fact, now is a great time to acquire the tokens before Digitex unveils its revolutionary trading exchange in Q4 2018. Let’s review a few of the main reasons why you should be purchasing DGTX tokens.

Main Reasons for Owning DGTX Tokens Now…        

Reason #1 (Constant internal demand for DGTX)

When Adam Todd was laying the groundwork for the Digitex Futures Exchange, he devised a brilliant strategy of linking his new futures exchange with a crypto token. Todd envisioned a fully functioning futures exchange in which all aspects of the exchange would be denominated in a native cryptocurrency.

This includes everything such as account balance, profit and loss, margin requirement, tick value and settlement process. Consequently, 100% of the trading activity on the Digitex exchange will be conducted with DGTX tokens. All traders will use and own DGTX tokens. As the number of Digitex traders increases, there will be a corresponding increase in the internal demand for DGTX.

Reason #2 (Commission-free trading will increase liquidity)   

One of the main constraints preventing futures traders from engaging in high volume trading is commissions and transaction fees. The Digitex Futures Exchange has eliminated this constraint by providing its customers with a commission-free trading environment. Prior to Digitex, it was not economically feasible for traders to use aggressive strategies with a single-tick profit target. Why? Because the fees would completely erase the profit potential.  

Digitex has solved all of these problems for the aggressive trader. As a result, Digitex will become an extremely liquid marketplace, as traders are free to use their aggressive strategies without the worry of commissions and fees.  In turn, this will exponentially increase the liquidity of the DGTX token.

Reason #3 (Recent social media activity shows signs of growing interest in DGTX)  

The Digitex marketing team has done a remarkable job of promoting the upcoming launch of The Digitex Futures Exchange.  Specifically, the marketing team has created a campaign which allows Digitex enthusiasts to join the Early Access Waitlist.  Adding your name to the waitlist

provides you with a special referral code. This code is used to refer friends and fellow cryptocurrency traders to join the waitlist. The top 5,000 people who generate the most referrals will each receive 1,000 DGTX tokens when Digitex unveils its trading exchange in Q4. Here’s the best part: In addition to receiving 1,000 tokens, the winners of the referral contest will have complete access to the Digitex trading platform. Adam Todd will use these 5,000 people to test the trading platform before it is released to the public.

This referral contest is an excellent way to increase the visibility of Digitex, particularly among the cryptocurrency trading community.  The response to the referral contest has been off the chart. It has even exceeded the expectations of the Digitex marketing team. In August, over 75,000 people had joined the early access waitlist.  This is a huge number of people, particularly when consider the fact that this marketing campaign was only rolled out just weeks ago at the start of August.

The success of the Early Access Waitlist promotion is an excellent indication of the overall demand for DGTX tokens.  As the excitement continues to grow for the Digitex launch, the demand for tokens is also building on a daily basis. In addition to the waitlist promotion, there is an overall groundswell of excitement for Digitex and the DGTX token.  

Recent media coverage involving Digitex has been met with great fanfare. This includes interviews with Adam Todd, industry-wide news stories, blogpost responses, Twitter activity and YouTube views. The enthusiasm for Digitex is growing on a daily basis, along with the demand for DGTX tokens.  Now is the time to buy DGTX tokens before the media coverage intensifies as Digitex approaches its launch date.

Reason #4 (The popularity of the Digitex Exchange will increase DGTX demand)       

The Digitex Futures Exchange is a trader’s paradise in terms of its ability to offer one of the most innovative trading environments in the futures industry.  Adam Todd and the Digitex team have spared no expense to create a state-of-the-art exchange for the trading community. Of course, the most popular feature of the trading exchange is the ability to offer zero transaction fees.  

In addition to commission-free trading, Digitex will offer decentralized account balances. This feature allows Digitex to remove itself as the custodian of your money. Traders don’t need to concern themselves with the financial safety of Digitex because all customer funds will be held by a decentralized smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.  Digitex is the only futures exchange that does not hold customer assets.

Another great feature of the Digitex exchange is its unique trading interface.  The Digitex Futures Exchange uses a one-click ladder trading interface. What’s so special about a ladder interface?  If you are an active trader, you know that multiple clicks of your mouse on a trading platform can cause delays and lost opportunities.  Digitex provides its customers with one-click trading capability. Additionally, the trader’s computer keyboard is not a necessity when placing a trade.   

Based on the fact that Digitex offers such a unique trading experience, there will be a huge surge in new account activity when the futures exchange is open for business.  Of course, this surge in new account activity will increase the demand for the DGTX token. Now could be a great time to buy DGTX before new account activity gathers momentum.

Reason #5 (The momentum crowd will move into DGTX)

The cryptocurrency trading environment is filled with different types of traders and speculators.  For example, some traders prefer to pick tops and bottoms while other traders use chart patterns and technical indicators.  Another popular trading method involves the use of daily volume measurements to generate buy and sell signals.

However, the most popular strategy is based on momentum trading.  This type of approach involves buying the “hottest” market within the cryptocurrency universe. Momentum trading is based on the theory that excessive buying (or selling) pressure from the trading public will continue to force the underlying security in the same direction for an extended period of time.  

As the security continues to move in the same direction, more momentum traders enter the market and push the security to even more extreme levels. Very often, momentum trading will drive a security well beyond most traders’ expectations. Of course, the security eventually reaches a capitulation point and moves violently in the other direction.   

The DGTX token could be a perfect candidate for the momentum trading crowd.  Quite often, momentum traders prefer to look for securities that are relatively new (like DGTX).  Now might be an excellent time to purchase DGTX tokens before the momentum crowd enters the picture.

These are just a few reasons why DGTX tokens could be poised for an explosive move immediately following the launch of The Digitex Futures Exchange.  Of course, nobody has a crystal ball. It’s impossible to forecast the future price direction of anything. However, all signs are pointing to a big move in DGTX.      

Personal Observations

I’ve been involved in the commodity futures industry on a daily basis throughout four different decades (1980s thru 2010s).  Quite frankly, I’ve never seen anything like The Digitex Futures Exchange, which has the potential to completely alter the way futures contracts are traded.  Adam Todd had the creative foresight to combine the power of the blockchain with futures contracts. As a result, Digitex could be on the verge of setting the stage for a revolutionary change in futures trading.      

In my humble opinion, the truly explosive potential of Digitex and the DGTX token is the enormous capacity for future growth.  For example, when Digitex launches in the fourth quarter of this year, the exchange will offer three contracts. These contracts include BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTE/USD.  

By the way, Adam Todd is making the right decision to initially roll out a small number contracts on the Digitex exchange in order to make sure all aspects of the exchange are working properly.  However, Digitex could easily add more contracts to its list of available trading products. This could set the stage for massive growth potential as the exchange introduces new products. The initial launch of The Digitex Futures Exchange is only the beginning.  The futures looks bright for the DGTX token.

Brief Summary of Increasing Demand for DGTX Tokens

  • The “secret sauce” of The Digitex Futures Exchange is the DGTX token.
  • Anyone can purchase DGTX tokens through a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Now is a great time to purchase DGTX tokens before Digitex launches its exchange.
  • The entire Digitex exchange will only use DGTX tokens.
  • This includes account balances, daily profit and loss, margin requirement and tick value.
  • Consequently, there will be a constant internal demand for DGTX tokens.
  • Commission-free trading will increase exchange liquidity, which will increase DGTX demand.
  • Recent social media exposure surrounding Digitex has dramatically increased DGTX demand.
  • The Digitex exchange will become extremely popular due to its state-of-the-art features.
  • As a result, demand for the DGTX token will increase sharply when the exchange goes “live.”
  • Momentum trading is very popular among the cryptocurrency community.
  • The DGTX token could experience a huge surge in demand from momentum traders.  


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