10 Tips for New Crypto Traders

Top 10 Tips for New Crypto Traders

When someone decides to start trading crypto currencies, they enter a completely new territory. Over the past few years, an incredible amount of people have been earning an awful lot of money by trading these new types of currencies. However, there are hazards lurking around every corner, trying to destroy the dream of making money in a short timeframe. Before entering the crypto space, I recommend working through the following useful suggestions.

1. Study the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and their market

In order to prepare for trading properly, you should know and understand the key components of the market. You can begin by investigating how blockchain works, learn what decentralization means, and research where the world might need cryptocurrencies. Be sure to understand smart contracts, blockchain based tokens (like ERC20 and ERC223), and the different wallet systems. Furthermore, you should assess the current market situation.

In comparison to stocks, coins and tokens generally have very low market capitalizations. Therefore they have much more growth potential, but at the same time they are also rather risky. The cryptocurrency market is also more prone to manipulations; big players have the ability to drive markets up or down by using trading strategies or releasing pre-planned news.

Pro tip: Look up the “Buy the rumor, sell the news” phenomenon.

2. Know the basic rules of investment, trading, and markets

If you are trading for the first time in general, don’t just rush into it. Taking the proper amount of time for preparation could save or even gain you a lot of money. You can find tons of tips about trading and investing on crypto forums, blogs, and social media profiles. Invest some time reading articles from different sources, make up a strategy for your trades, and think about your personal willingness to take risks.

Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful

Understanding the essential terms of a market are also unquestionably important, such as market capitalizations, trading volume, and the differences between value and price. Learning from experienced traders and investors is also strongly recommended.

3. Think about risk management

Trading cryptocurrencies can be divided into three basic risk categories. By investing in established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you are exposed to low risks, whereas the rate of future growth is very limited as well.

When trading coins and tokens with lower market capitalizations, you can earn much higher percentages, yet the risk rate is generally higher too.

It is important to stay attentive here; some cryptocurrencies only release a short amount of their supply which could lead to decreasing prices when a flooding of the retained tokens or coins occurs. When investing in an initial coin offering, you have very high growth potential accompanied by a very high-risk potential. The performances of ICOs are highly influenced by the current market situation, (bear or bull market), which gives you another reason to stay conservative.

Pro tip: Blockchain protocols appeared to have the highest growth rates in the past.

4. Learn the basics of technical analysis

The prices of cryptocurrencies are mainly fueled by the evolvement of technology and the media. Nonetheless, using technical analysis can help you find the right moment to buy or sell.

Knowing something about candlesticks, supports, resistances and indicators, like the relative strength index (RSI) and moving averages (MA), can be quite useful to master the market. Still, you should not perform trades which rely solely on the use of technical analysis unless you have superior expertise in this field.

5. Analyze projects on their fundamentals

One of the key indicators for determining whether the price of an asset will rise is the actual benefits of the project standing behind it. Analyzing the technology, team, and use cases appeared to be a good trading or investment strategy in the past.

When considering to invest in Initial Coin Offerings, a fundamental analysis is especially important in determining the true value of a project. Never trust the hype around a project. Instead you should stay rational and review the aspects stated above. If you don’t have the competence to judge the technology yourself, look for trustworthy professionals in your circle of friends or from trusted sources on the internet. But be cautious; we are talking about a lot of money here, and you can not trust every expert you come across.

6. Check the news on a regular basis

As you already know, important news has a high impact on the prices of coins and tokens. As a result, you should always stay up to date with reports, announcements, and rumors. To properly do this, be sure to look at popular online blockchain magazines and communities at least once a day. Check out CoinTelegraph, Coindesk, and the social news aggregation website Reddit. Of course, there are many other valuable news sources you will find in your research.

Pro tip: Check out Coinmarketcal for upcoming events in the field.

7. Use Twitter

The social media giant Twitter has become one of the key platforms regarding announcements and public discussions in the crypto world. Almost every company has an active Twitter account nowadays.

Follow important blockchain personalities, projects, traders, and influencers to make sure you never miss a thing. Additionally, you can search for #hashtags whenever you want to read the opinion of the community.

8. Participate in communities

Deeper participation in communities might be a little time consuming, but it is definitely worth it. By actively observing or engaging in Telegram chats, subreddits, or Bitcointalk threads, you have a great chance of obtaining precious insider information.

It is quite common to release new information to the core community before announcing it to the public. Moreover, you can get a picture of the general market sentiment, which is certainly beneficial for trading decisions. Occasionally, you will get the chance to participate in exclusive airdrops.

9. Review multiple exchanges

At the time of writing, there are around 200 cryptocurrency exchanges. If your goal is to trade a fairly high amount of altcoins, it is inevitable to adopt more than just one exchange. To find the right exchange(s), you should inspect possible candidates for trading volume, reliability, fees, number of assets, and user experience.

Other important features could be a fiat gateway and margin trading. In 2018, you can also expect decentralized exchanges gaining a lot of popularity. On this type of platform, you keep full control of your assets and never have to rely on a centralized power.

10. Improve your security standards. A lot.

The most common reason for people losing money, aside from price fluctuations, are related to crime. Since the blockchain economy is extremely profitable, complex, and relatively uncontrolled, hackers and fraudsters work hard to steal your capital.

In order to fight off their attacks, you have to be extremely cautious. For exchange accounts, you should use highly secure passwords and two-factor authentication. Never share your passwords or private keys. Never send money to anyone who is claiming that they will send you more money back. For the best security, you should always store your assets on a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor.

To get into cryptocurrency trading is without a doubt a journey full of obstacles. If you take your time, prepare yourself, and apply the things you have learned, there is no reason you cannot succeed.

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